We are Jonathan, Candice, Bear, and Bug

It all started one cool autumn night long ago in Toledo, Ohio.  We both went to an interviewing seminar for engineers (he is a geotechnical engineer which is a branch of civil engineering and I am a biomedical engineer).  He, looking quite dapper, and I in my hoodie and carpenter jeans.  We didn't know the romance of a lifetime would bloom as we walked home and chatted that night and left each other at his dorm.
We started dating in October 1999.  We got engaged at a Boy Scout Ranch in New Mexico in June 2003.  I started my career in Syracuse, NY, while he got his Master's Degree in Civil Engineering in Toledo, Ohio.

We wed in January of 2005 and moved to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  We both worked until we had our first child in July 2008.  In October 2008 we also moved to Raleigh, NC.  We lived there exactly 1 year and moved "back" to Tulsa (this is part of our Christian testimony and I shall have to share it at some point).  

We lived in Tulsa for several years and had our baby girl, Bug, there in March 2014 and in May 2015 we moved to Omaha, Nebraska where we now reside.

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Our Story