We officially review Thinking Tree materials created by Sarah Brown.  We also use them!  If you watch some of the older videos you will see how we went from being unsure to seeing how this is the best way to homeschool our children!  Yay, Thinking Tree!

This page contains Amazon Affiliate links.  Additionally, many items I received at a discount in exchange for my honest review.  I also purchased many of the items and the YouTube videos do specify.  We have obviously changed how we do school because we think so highly of these materials.  All reviews, regardless of how they came to me are 100% honest.
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Please note, this catalog was current as of 2016.  After that point in time, the books were coming out much faster than I could update this page.  There are still a lot of the books on this page.  Thank you for understanding!  This is a general listing.  The pages are linked from this page or you can use the drop down menu under Thinking Tree Videos.  Please see the bottom of this page for disclosure and affiliate information.

Dyslexia Games Series A

Dyslexia Games Series B

Dyslexia Games Series C

These are great tag-along books for your littles who want to do school!

These are considered Secular because they don't have daily Bible reading.  They may have a place for writing a verse or quote, but that is the extent of it.

Preschooler book is not a consumable workbook.  It is a lot of information and ideas.

Pocket-Sized Journals/Planners