My Photography Recommendations and Tips

In my variety of interests I have many favorite products that I want to share with you here.  This page was started because every year, several times a year, and dozens of time before Christmas, I am asked by people about photography equipment specifically.  I am going to share here what is in my camera bag.  But, since I sew, homeschool, etc, I have many tried and true things that work for us in those avenues as well and I wanted to share them here.  These are affiliate links and I make a very very small percentage from sales purchased through them.  This money helps support our homeschool.  Hope you enjoy!



This is #1!  If you have a Canon, you must get this lens!  If you have kids, you must!  Dogs, yes!  Flowers, yes!  This is so very inexpensive, but so powerful!  

I actually have the old version of this lens and this one looks SOOOO much better!  So, even if you don't shoot in manual and you do not know what "bokeh" even means (no, it has nothing to do with smoking) you should consider this lens.  It's big con?  You cannot zoom.  It's HUGE pro?  It works great in low light and you can set your f/stop to 1.8 and get absolutely stunning images.  The photo to the right was taken while I was learning and even had a camera body that was far more cranky in low light than my current one.  He is crisp in low light and he "pops" compared to the background which is blurred. and this is at f/3.5.