• Candice Forte

What's in a Name?

The name Along the Mountain Meadow came to me as I thought about life as a journey. My husband and I have been together for 16 years and I was thinking back on a night in 2003 when we were engaged. We were walking together way up into the mountains away from a camp he was working at. My camp was down in the valley and it took several hours to drive with a lunatic up the mountain passes in a Suburban for a mere 13 miles to go see him. We were out for a walk on one of those weekends I got a pass to go visit him way up in the high mountains and we were chatting. More than likely our conversations revolved around what was going on at camp and our engagement and such. Probably quite frivolous, is my guess. Perhaps we were discussing names for our future children, Bear and Bug. For anonymity's sake we will leave those names there, but they do have real names and they were picked out 8-10 years before they were born. We are planners like that. Anyway, as we were strolling through a meadow that was just so beautiful during the day and peaceful, we just got this feeling that there was something out there with us. It was not a good feeling. We began to walk faster and the faster we walked the more we had that feeling. I am happy to say we reached camp allright, or I would not have written this. We returned to camp and went to bed whenever camp folk went to bed. When we awoke the next morning we found that there had been a bear in camp the night before....

WHAT? Yes, a bear. When I think back on that I think how we often in life have no idea what lurks beyond a corner, good or bad. It reminds me to be present. Not in some free-wheeling, not-a-care type way, but to be mindful of those around me and show love to my family. One never knows when something nefarious lurks around the corner when one is strolling in a seemingly peaceful place. Just some food for thought. This space will be used for me to share bits of life with you. I have a variety of interests and hopefully you will find my interests interesting enough to maintain your interest. I have been reading a lot of A.A. Milne to our son at bedtime lately, so my writing almost reflects his style to me. It will be interesting if I switch to reading C.S. Lewis if it holds with the pattern...only time will tell.

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