• Candice Forte

5 Photography Basics to Improve your Photos Today: Part 1 {Rule of Thirds}

I like to include this rule first when teaching someone about photography. Rule of thirds is not the end-all, and I won't claim it is. But, it gives you a much more interesting photography in many instances.

Rule of Thirds: To maximize visual interest in a photograph imagine when you look through your camera there is a grid such as this. Attempt to put your subject in the first or last third of the

image. (top third, bottom third, left third, or right third).

Imagine a grid like this in your camera viewfinder or screen.

It works for images no matter the orientation.

Yes, yes, he is not looking and that also lends to this image not working so well.

Offset, just a smidge. Ah, that made a big difference! This image is from a ways back and we actually lost our pictures from that year in an unfortunate hard drive accident. Make sure your computer is always backed up. Don't rely on CDs to do it. That's what I was doing. Time gets away from you. Now, we pay to keep our files backed up automatically with Carbonite. That may seem outrageous to you, but I never want to go through that heartache again. It was grief for me and it took me a good month to pull out of it.

Mounds in South Central Ohio. This photo could bed edited a bit (it hasn't been and the photographer who likes to edit in me is cringing). Imagine those lines!

The subject here is the boy and the hand hold. You can see that by offsetting into that third of the image makes more of the effect. I won't go into counter balance in this shot, but that pelican does provide it! Ha!

We have the first third and the last third going on here for you. Really the main motion an interest is the boy catching the ball. He was pretty cute when he was teeny! I would pay lots of money to go back and kiss those chubby cheeks!

A recent photo! Imagine those grid lines! Do you understand the rule of thirds? Why or why not? Let me know what you think!

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