• Candice Forte

Thinking Tree Thursday #1

Disclosure: Some Thinking Tree items I received at a discount in exchange for my honest review. Some were purchased at full price via Amazon. Additionally, this post does contain Amazon Affiliate Links.

We found a great deal on a junior level microscope on Amazon.

If you go to the new/used part of the page you may still see some left for $30 in the Amazon Warehouse. These are opened boxes. Great deal on a really nice microscope! Today we made a slide of a bell pepper.

We were studying the Pilgrims last week as part of the boxed curriculum we are still following somewhat (but in a Thinking Tree method). Little Bear is liking school a lot more now. He still would rather play with Legos like most 7-year-olds but it is bringing out both of our creative sides a lot more using Thinking Tree things. Anyway, we oiled paper and saw that more light gets through the oiled paper!

When the oiled paper got wet, the water did not soak in and affect it much, the regular paper had a much sadder story. This is why Pilgrims oiled paper for their windows.

Basically, our school days look like this: Reading aloud in all subjects: ART: Usborne Art Cards - https://u3808.myubam.com/p/1241/famous-paintings or


HISTORY: American Pioneers and Patriots - http://www.mfwbooks.com/item/02701/American-Pioneers-and-Patriots/ The Story of the US - http://www.mfwbooks.com/item/02706/The-Story-of-the-U-S-/

MATH: Math U See and we are about to use The Thinking Tree's new book

SPELLING: We are using Rod and Staff now and also incorporating Thinking Tree Spelling

SCIENCE: This is where we really "Funschool" in that he can choose science topics. Sometimes I choose and sometimes he does. Today we read about jaguars and space from library books. We are also using his favorite Usborne How Things Work. https://u3808.myubam.com/p/893/see-inside-how-things-work-ir


How are we using Thinking Tree? We are using it by him journaling about what we read about each morning. Then, when we do afternoon activities like today he journals again. Writing is less of a cry-fest, because it is not just busy work and he is getting much more out of school instead of just trying to fill out all the papers as fast as he can while not listening to me read aloud.

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