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HOW we homeschool with Thinking Tree #2 (Not Thursday, but we will get back to that next week)

Disclosure: Some Thinking Tree items I received at a discount in exchange for my honest review. Some were purchased at full price via Amazon. Additionally, this post does contain Amazon Affiliate Links.

HOW??? Yesterday I told you roughly about WHAT we do. Funschooling looks different for everyone. I will start like that. It is NOT unschooling. It could be, but in our case it is not. Essentially the only delight-directed part of our day is what scientific topic he would like to learn about. What has been more delightful for us is stopping all of the busy paperwork for sake of writing a bunch of stuff.

Depending on the day we do school right when everyone wakes up or we do it after lunch when K-Bug goes down for her nap. If it is in the morning sometimes we can get in most of it before she is awake. School used to look like him doing a bunch of busy work with writing and papers while hardly listening to me read. Now it is mostly reading. It is reading all of the sujects I told you about last week.

Once we read for an hour or so in all of these subjects he records this in his Thinking Tree journal. He either draws something from each book, or he writes some copywork out of one. He usually colors some. He also does his Math. We are almost done with Math U See Alpha. He is doing very well. In between Alpha and Beta we are going to be doing a new book by Thinking Tree to increase his math facts. With his love of Minecraft this will be perfect.

And, right now we are doing Rod and Staff Spelling. We are doing it in more of a repetition way and I think he will do better to write the words, so we need to get back to that a bit. BUT, Thinking Tree also has really cool spelling books that I think will work very well for a learner such as he. It is small, portable, and I like the method. I don't think it works for every child, but I have a hunch it will for him. We have another of these coming shortly that will be reviewed here.

We do science experiments 1-2 times a week if we can get reading/seatwork done in the morning and do the experiment during Sister's nap. MOM DOES SCHOOL?

The nice thing is I can lead by example. Thinking Tree has lovely Mom's Journals to help me be an example of what learning looks like. This is my current one, but I have reviewed other Mom and Dad products and I have more coming soon that will be reviewed here.

MORE SCHOOL???? Another thing we do is add in MORE learning in a very sneaky way. After all, life is learning, really. Everything can be considered school and learning. We use a fun little tool called bedtime. Bedtime is a great time to teach. We only have two children, but our plan is the same with what we would do if we had more than 2. One of us would deal with the baby (more than likely me) while the other does devotional with the older one (or more). Then, after baby is in bed I typically go in and read a chapter of a math supplement we use and a chapter from classic literature (we avoid Charlotte Mason "twaddle" here, but sometimes it's just good to have a fun book so that is not a hard and fast rule. I love adding these things in to bedtime because they really aren't in a hurry to get things "over with" because they don't really want to go to bed. They want to stay up! Joke is on them! We do put them to bed rather early for this, but his "true" bedtime is 7:45 to 8, even if he is in his room, teeth brushed, bathed, etc by 7 (starting devotional with Daddy). Currently my husband is reading this with our son. Ten minute Devos with Dad. It was recommended by a friend and is WONDERFUL!

I am finishing this up this week with Little Bear (or C-Bear). This is our second round through A.A. Milne's classic tales. If you have not read these, you should. Seriously. They are full of delightful humor and beautiful whimsy of childhood.

Which can be purchased here. It is currently on sale for much cheaper than we initially bought our first few for! Score!

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