• Candice Forte

5 Photography Basics to Improve your Photos Today: Part 3 {Balance}

Most of these tips are basic tips for ART in general. When I took drawing in college ALL of these elements I am describing to you applied. Rule of thirds is far more important than balance, but if you have an opportunity to throw some balance into the background of a picture for adding to a story, do it! Storytelling on the other side of the image (daddy’s hands or throwing one part of the image that is not emphasized out of focus (girl’s face) will do it!

This is where the lenses on my "Favorite Things" page really come in handy! Balance can be used for depth of field like these. Where does the eye go?

Mom's face or the baby shoes for that precious wee one she is getting ready to meet?

Yellowstone. Foreground of Artist Paint Pots or the mountains in the distance?

Baby on the path and where she is headed.

Daddy's hands balance this photo.

That rascally gull out there. He didn't know he'd be a point of interest. Visual interest is what this rule is about. Where is the eye going?

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