• Candice Forte

Thinking Tree Thursday Part 3 : More How...Our Outlook on "Education" has Been Changing

This artwork was how he used to be before we started doing our "box" curriculum again. Now, that we have started funschooling these beautiful creations have come back. It has been wonderful. This is not even part of school, but extra. And, he did it again today!

I consider games part of school, now. Strategy. This was in an afternoon after "school" was over for the day. I am ashamed to admit he totally whooped me.

Engineering feat.

Favorite things drawing. Usually he uses one of the pages of the journal to draw about what we learned that day.

A little Draw Write Now mixed in for art and handwriting.

Lego creations. This was a gift for his sister for Valentine's Day.

Learning to use a sewing machine! I had never even thought he was interested, but he asked and I am letting him make some "felt stuffed animals". Ahem, he does not touch the serger, but he thinks it is pretty cool.

Don't worry, safety has been emphasized and I am NEVER not standing next to him.

What a silly boy. So, I guess I have to say that Funschooling has really given me a new realization of what life and education is really about. I have loosened up and realized that learning is a journey. He is learning. He can do math very well and has excelled even more since we started Life of Fred (we bought it at a great price here) along with Math U See. He is learning about grammar, punctuation, spelling, and such. But, he is still 7. If he were in public school he would be a 1st grader. But he is ahead in some areas and takes more time in others. Homeschooling is great in that we can treat our children as individuals and still offer them lots ways to learn and grow with love. If you are struggling with your kids every day, I suggest you look into Funschooling. Two really good books to read, as well are For the Children's Sake and Honey for a Child's Heart to get yourself into a better perspective. Of course, I skew to the Charlotte Mason side of homeschooling and everyone has their differing philosophies.

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