• Candice Forte

Thinking Tree Thursday {Organization}

Funschooling has actually caused me to have a better organizational system for both our craft/art supplies and for our actual "school" books and materials. We have two of these carts in our house. The first was purchased to hold worksheets for C-Bear's daily work, but as we got more into Funschooling the paperwork got less, and the reading aloud got more so that one is still in the basement and now has ALL sorts of paper and flat storage things like that.

This one is up in our sunroom and was purchased to organize legos. We actually found that being organized with legos made him create less so we dumped them into a plastic tub that wasn't super deep and this one was then empty. So, now it is used entirely for drawing/art (non messy art...the messy stuff is somewhere unreachable) for the kids.

We also dumped all of our crayons, and we have a TON, into one container.

This table was always in the sunroom. Since we started Funschooling, we brought up our little table that Daddy made as a train table a few years ago (it is "little" as in it is short...it is 4'x4' so it takes up quite a bit of space).

I was fortunate to be asked to review these awesome storage ottomans from Clever Creations and I knew they were going to be perfect for our living room. My idea was to put them under the end tables, but they are a smidgeon too high, so they ended up on both sides of the fireplace. The left one has family games. This is SO convenient because our games were all in a pretty inaccessible place in the basement. The right one has his school books.

And there is plenty of room to spare. Last week I actually put them in like a file folder with spines up and it is even better accessibility-wise. I need to do that with the games, too, so we are not unloading and reloading every time we ant a game.

Here is our "school" for a day. It is a combination of My Father's World materials, Usborne Books, Devotional, Math, Dyslexia Games A, and his Journal.

And here he is drawing the Patriots pulling down the Statue of King George to make lead ammo out of (we got a good laugh out of that).

Art for the day.

I am also keeping my Mom's Handbook a few times a week. In upcoming weeks Homeschooling 6 has challenged us to start schooling ourselves so I will be using the All About Horses book for a while, but will get back to this.