• Candice Forte

Storytime {Listen, Cupcake: The Story of Mistaken Identity}

This odd picture has a story with it. One weekend a few years ago had dinner guests and I made stuffed cabbage, mashed potatoes, and corn with carrot cake and some cupcakes (for the kids) for dessert. The next week I took the remainder of the cupcakes and the remainder icing from the carrot cake to a friend's house for a playdate.

Their middle child took a bite of the long awaited cupcake and sat there with a strange look on her face.

My friend: "What is it?"

5 year old:"Mommy, it tastes gross."

My friend (clearly embarrassed): "It is not nice to say that to someone who made something for you."

My friend helps her 3 year old take the paper off of her cupcake and takes a bite wondering what the deal is.

My friend: "It is gross...the icing is mashed potatoes."

Me (in complete disbelief): "What?"

My friend: "It is mashed potatoes. You have to try it."

Me (clearly mortified): *laughing* "Oh my goodness! It looked just like the icing I made for the carrot cake!" *trying a bite of C-Bear's* "that is disgusting...I am so sorry you guys even attempted to eat it!" *laughing so hard I was crying*

After tearing the "iced" tops of their cupcakes off they consumer the rest without complaint. What an embarrassing and funny story.

Needless to say my friend decided not to add any extra "icing" to her carrot cake I also brought. We also reminisced about the Friends episode where Rachel makes a trifle with all sweet things and some ground beef or something like that because the cook book pages were stuck together...yum.

I came home and took a picture of the icing next to the mashed potatoes just to make her laugh. I will probably always, for the rest of my life, taste icing or anything that could be masquerading as something else just to make sure this never happens again...but what a hoot!

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