• Candice Forte

DIY Home Photo Shoot! {Photography}

How to do an at-home photo shoot with your child. I know some people may be overwhelmed even thinking about this. What you need: *Blanket - Microfiber works well *Clamps *Chair (optional - but good for wiggly tots - these are great garage sale finds) *Point and shoot camera (works decently..I don't have a recommendation for that) *Digital SLR (recommended, but can get nice shots without it, but won't probably have the background "bokeh" or fuzziness...A Canon T5 is a great starter body and get the portrait lens with it and you are good to go. Some people like to get a kit with extras and then add in the portrait lens). *Inexpensive Portrait Lens - my number one recommendation for parents with dSLRs (but kit lens will work, too...just know the more you zoom that lens, the less the background will have that "bokeh" we all want) *Cute kid

I took some panoramas of how the setup was for you to see. Essentially, shoot with the window behind you if possible for best lighting.

I squatted to the right of the chair. See the sun-strips coming through on the floor? Don't have the setup in those. Obviously your results will have that strippy light in them.

She is very wiggly and actually has an ear infection. This shot was not the clearest.

Much more crisp.

I am two.

I did edit some of the bottom where she bunched the blanket ever so slightly.

Another one that is fuzzier than I typicall like, but I decided to keep it. You know, it's still cute. You just can't enlarge these photos.

I missed touching up the scratch on her face. I use photoshop elements for this.

The second setup. She was napping and the light had shifted so we setup in the sunroom. The best light in there comes in through the door on the right so I setup next to it. I clamped the blanket to the windows. You can see he is side-lit.

Light on the right. The blanket was retouched a smidgeon.

I had him sit at an angle so the light was more in his face in these instead of coming from his left side.

I use Adobe Lightroom on my images, but honestly I just tweak minor things. They didn't need any help really...just me being picky. I still highly recommend the software.

Middle blocking the light.

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