• Candice Forte

Comic Book Math {Giveaway}

I know this is the time of year for two things: Planning for next year and potentially planning for summer. Therefore, I am running two giveaways that will end in relatively close timing to one another. These are the first two I have ever done so I hope you will be patient with any confusion :). This giveaway is for something that we are going to be using over the summer in our home with Bear. It is Minecraft inspired and has addition, subtraction, and some writing in it (another thing he doesn't care for). This is another offering from The Thinking Tree. You can purchase it by clicking on the photo.

You can see the inside by watching this video.

This is a BIG favorite of the Thinking Tree's Supplemental Books. Visit the link above and see ALL of the Thinking Tree's Supplemental Books: History, Art, Math, Spelling, and more! Two supplemental books are on sale right now, as well:


Littlest Math book here There is also a giveaway for the Mom's Funschooling Handbook going on until March 31st!

Win Comic Book Math here: