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Funschooling {Mom School}

What I have come to realize through Mom-schooling is how much time I have a day to do something like this. The answer is: Not Much. Bear still needs me to read to him as a big part of his day and taking care of a toddler is no walk in the park. Unless she is sleeping, and then we are trying to get some education going on. So, many times it is not until night that I get to do my school. Which is NOT the point. The point is to do it in front of them. Well, this was the result when that happened.

Good pencil grip for a 2 year old! LOL.

I have also learned it would be VERY tough to really go back to school with kids around.

I have also forgotten how much work school is! I am constantly learning, but not like this.

I am using the horse journal. This truly is for horse lovers. I love horses, but I don't have the kind of passion for them that this is geared toward. I have modified pages for a more practical use for myself.

I love this date format. It is fun and having them spread throughout the journals help you keep track of your daily work.

I drew a somewhat fat horse. LOL! But it was fun! Horses have always been very tough for me to draw.

I take judo. I separated my shoulder three weeks ago and I miss it terribly. I actually did go back at the end of last week and didn't do any rolling breakfalls on that side and I didn't grapple. But, I missed it. I am doing a very detailed 52 week Bible study. I wish I had done it in Oklahoma when the leader of it knew exactly what was what in this book, but I am making my way through it and it is very insightful.

I started going with judo words for spelling. I need to find more, but the book I had with definitions is back at the library. I can probably figure more out at home, though, from the one book we have.

Coloring these pictures was nice. I always like to copy down prayer lists for my children and husband.

Sparkle gel pens are the bomb.

Trying Homeschooling 6's journaling on the sides of pages.

I never knew about Typhoid Mary. Interesting, Farmer's Almanac! I am going to keep this up as a habit and try to make certain my children see it. Additionally, I may need to change of my journal.

This book came out this week and it is at a great discount. This is something I struggle with (too much screen time) when really anxious. It has been especially bad for a year or so as we moved and such. Like I said, I do love horses, but not in the way I think makes me the best user of this journal. So, the Mom's Journals or this new release are a much better fit for my life. The purpose of Mom-schooling, however, lends itself better to using a journal for an ACTUAL student. So, for the 6 week challenge, I am going to modify pages if I really need to and use the horse journal and try to do the student activities as a student instead of just making it a Mom's journal.. If you are new to the Thinking Tree and thinking of Mom-Schooling I would probably get a Mom journal and one of the student journals. We need to be examples to our children and what better way? My son and I have been having more conversations about how Mommy and Daddy are learning new things all the time. He may not see it, but we are. As he grows he will undoubtedly see it and if I keep this habit up he definitely will! I see the next year being so much better than the last few as I unplug more and let digital stuff go and do more mom-school and more Bear-school and Bug-school! I have learned a lot through this...and it is not just from the books and journaling. This 6-week Mom-schooling challenge by Homeschooling 6 all started from this blog here Update * It has been suggested by Linda, of Homeschooling 6 to do school at night and show it to the kids in the morning if you can't do it when they are awake! BRILLIANT!

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