• Candice Forte

Beauty from Ashes {How A Horrible Day Led to Better Funschooling}

First, I wanted to say I had a HORRIBLE morning. My son woke up and was quarrelsome after having a really excellent day yesterday. I think we figured out it was a response to some cough medicine, but it was just awful. I can't even describe it to you.

So, when we got home from the classes he takes at a local learning center (they offer mostly electives to homeschoolers) I said to him, "Mommy, doesn't even have the patience to put up with nonsense for school...she has been doing too much for you. So, she is going to put together a science book at your reading level, a history book, and you will start Ms. Sarah's spelling book and Comic book math today and copy a Bible verse. You will do your OWN school."

You know, sometimes those horrible days like this lead into super blessings. It gave me an idea. Two days a week, since he is capable of reading decently, we are getting a level 2/3 reader for him to read for history and science, he will copy a Bible verse (and record all of this in his journal), and do spelling and math out of Thinking Tree. I actually think he enjoyed himself and the accomplishments of "doing."

Beauty from ashes.

I had a really hard time controlling my temper with a few of the stunts he pulled this morning but now I have apologized (and he did, too...see pic he drew me...he used a drawing book because he is not doing electronics for this week) and we have come up with a system where I think two days a week he is going to take control of his education with me reading aloud to him at night and 3 days it will be heavy me reading.

He wrote his sister's name and his name above them. Funny that he drew his little sister larger than him. He noticed, too.

Thank you, Sarah Brown of The Thinking Tree, for these books that free us from bondage of having to do things a certain way! BTW, Comic Book Math is his favorite book, he declared, even when I showed him it does get harder.

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