• Candice Forte

Dangerous Post {Book for Boys}

We bought this for our son for Valentine's Day (used...thanks half.com), and he really barely even looked at it. Well, we also got the pocket book of things to do (which really just has a lot of the things from this book in it but is smaller). So, today he found the pocket book that I was planning on giving him for his birthday when I was cleaning out the basement (oops) and I told him he could have it, too.

His curiosity was suddenly piqued and he pulled out the big book. I started reading him section headings and he says, "Wow, can we use this for school?" It has everything from how to make a bow and arrow to grammar lessons and history lesson, y'all! I didn't even know!? Poetry as well! But lots of VERY boy things! And the part I love about that was he wants to do it for school. In the past he wanted to disassociate anything enjoyable from school because it would be "tainted" to him. For those of you with girls, there is a girls book, as well!

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