• Candice Forte

Our First Poetry Teatime

We love A. A. Milne around here, so when I read about the concept of a poetry teatime, I had to try it! It went GREAT and we are going to be doing it again soon! At first my 7.5 year old was like, "aw, mom!" But, then I read 6-10 poems or so and he was like, "we can't be done...please one more?" as we were in the Shel Silverstein book. I love the Milne book When We Were Six. It is so sweet! We love Winnie the Pooh and this was such a great experience! What a fun way to share poetry with your children! #poetryteatime We entered the Poetry Teatime contest this month, too! But we will keep doing it! So fun! #PoetryTeatimeContest

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