• Candice Forte

This is What It's All About! {Fun-schooling}

Our son, C-Bear, has always been very writing-averse. I tried pushing it using our boxed curriculum. It was always a big fight. Big. Hiding under tables, sitting in time out for behavior, rinse, repeat. Since I got a little more laid back and started Fun-Schooling, more of this the above image happening. Not perfect sentence structure, but decent. Missing some capitals and such, but overall the spelling is perfect and we need to talk about sentence capitalization (we have before several times and we are getting this book this week to reiterate). He felt the need to explain that the fish looks like it is out of the ocean and it does have some motion lines so perhaps it is jumping. At any rate, him choosing to write is what I am calling success here. He is not even 8. If this keeps up by age 10 he will be writing great stories! We just got this new book with writing prompts and comic books to draw and he is so excited about it he took it into his room. We also started a new journal...ironically it has little to no writing! HA! Also, since backing off and changing up approach by adding Bedtime Math he has gotten in a lot more sneaky math practice and we are still doing Life of Fred. He has figured out double digit addition and subtract and some multiplication without having anything grilled or beaten into him! AMAZING! We still, though, use and LOVE Math U See! Looking forward to adding in Sir Cumference this week, too!