• Candice Forte

Where Have I Been?

It's so funny. It has been a WHILE since I posted. We have been "summering"...sort of. We have moved. We moved from Nebraska to Oklahoma. This is a "homecoming" for us. Though my husband and I are from Ohio (he was born in Delaware, but raised in Ohio) we have lived in Oklahoma since we were married in 2005 and it has been home to us. What IS SO FUNNY? It is funny because I have thought of this summer as kind of a "waste" with learning. Why? Because I have been so programmed to think that learning can only be accomplished by reading and writing and all of that while sitting still at a desk. I need to share these pics with you. They all show learning. Beware, it is a long bunch of photos.

We have learned about loving on friends who need support. We lost a friend over a year ago and her husband was also a friend. We made these for their two little girls in memory of their mother. Everything down to the buttons represents their mother. What was learned? Sympathy. C-Bear helped me pick out fabrics and such and learned a lot about their mother and that not everyone has the blessing of growing up with a mother and father around, even if the sweet little girls' daddy is amazing. Missing a mommy is still hard. And this friend WAS very amazing so it is impossible that she is not missed constantly.

Learning how to repair a deck.

Learning about how a heart works (she is fine...just needed to get checked).

Learning how to show love when you have been naughty.

Learning how to set up a booth.

Learning more about fishing.

Learning how to give away at a booth.

Learning about the beauty of dust and sunshine.

Lego model creation.

Learning about pretend play (C-Bear had never really done this before now).

Learning the humor of farm animals ambling about in the pine forest.

Direct workbook "learning."

Learning about helicopters.

How to take a 15 hour straight road trip.

Learning about water.

Learning about moving.

Learning how to not scream on a 15 hour straight car trip (actually we had two of those, just the kids and I. The latter one was definitely tougher).

Learning about blocks and cousins at library story hour with grandma.

Learning about familial relations and building relationships.


More family and loving on elderly.

Reading books with Grandpa.

Checking out how farms work with Grandma (shoeing a horse, and tons of other stuff).

Learning about gardens.

Learning about cicadas (contrast her beauty with the ugly thing she is holding...haha).

Learning about worms and digging up soil.

Learning about traditions (donuts).

More relationship building...this time in a sports car.

Learning about homecomings.

Renewing old friendships (these boys were tots together).

Learning about storms (and this one was scary...very scary).

Learning about throwing fits.

Learning about helium and what temperature does to it!

Learning how to conquer fears (it so looks like he is walking on water). When I think this is only a couple months worth of photos really a lot of REAL learning was accomplished even if we didn't do workbooks and sit at desks. I did read to them both and continue to do so. We start school next week, but we will keep in light these last few weeks of summer...at least until the pool closes :).

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