• Candice Forte

Life is Learning

I had some wise friends tell me to shelve our reading program when C-Bear was just not catching on. It was a hard pill for my type-A brain to swallow. But, a move forced me to do it and I am so glad we moved and it forced it. Within two months the boy could read without anymore drilling of phonetic flash cards or anything. Now, a year and a half later, he is reading above grade level. Funny how that works!

This fall I was offline a lot. I want to keep this blog going and I think I can offer my readers good info. I need some feedback to help me make this a more helpful resource. I am going to occasionally review educational products, share things we are doing, and do YouTube videos. I am not trying to get rich. I am honestly just doing this for fun and to help those who are also slogging through the trenches of life and homeschooling. I am trying to help! This fall we went to Ohio for a visit. The kids spent time with their grandparents that they will remember forever doing fun things like playing in leaves, baking cookies, etc. We tried to keep it low key and it was a great trip.

We chased down a steam locomotive that was heading cross country. This is a photo my husband took the next day when he chased it down on it's next stop. He loves trains. This was a great learning experience for the kids for many many reasons. It thunderstormed the day we saw it and it was very crazy, but it was fun.

More grandparent shots.


I also purchased a die cutter. I am using it for a LOT of things. I also took on a few fall photography clients so I haven't been able to do much with it, but aren't these child silhouettes on a mug cute?

K-Bug on a night we watched C-Bear and Daddy fishing.

We decorated a neighbor's driveway (she had asked us to).

We made her some doggy vinyl for her cups. She loved it!

We bought a keyboard from another neighbor. I never would have thought this thing would get used as much as it does!

We started a huge train layout. This one doesn't look so huge, but it has over doubled from this size! Lots of woodworking and fun with Daddy on this. C-Bear also built a huge wooden layout in his room and it is wonderful! I will share a post about it soon! I also will share a post about what school looks like for us!

We got to see the monarchs pass through on their way to Mexico when we planted this Russian Sage! It was awesome! We learned about their fragile wings and proboscis. Such a fun word to say! I will be updating more frequently as we are finally settled and school is starting to run a lot better! Thank you for reading!