• Candice Forte

Usborne Recommendations for ages 8-12(ish)

https://u3808.myubam.com/629946. <------My Party Link!

While I did not even have a party going for Usborne, I have referred several people (which is completely random) to the consultant I use in the past week so she wanted to open me a party (link above). I don’t really care if you order from it and I won’t be hounding you to. These books are awesome, no matter what method of schooling you use. The reference-style history and science books have good, checked, internet links in them for further info and videos and such. Really, they are a great value.



You can also buy these separately in a flexi-binding (softcover) all 3 for 60 dollars. We have those. I wish we had the hard covers as they will wear better over time. https://u3808.myubam.com/p/3186/geography-encyclopedia-il-reduced-format



As far as I can see they have all the same information, but the flexi binding books are smaller.. These present ancient information from an old earth worldview. This is just worth mentioning for those who have very very strong convictions about using old earth materials. We are not old earth, but it is not a big deal to use these materials for us. ILLUSTRATED MATH DICTIONARY https://u3808.myubam.com/p/751/illustrated-elementary-math-dictionary-ir

This gives a good visual math reference. We use a variety of math resources from time to time. This is not an every day one for us (most math resources aren’t for us) but it is useful.. There are two more of these, one is lower level and one is higher. ILLUSTRATED GRAMMAR AND PUNCTUATION https://u3808.myubam.com/p/5997/illustrated-grammar-and-punctuation

Love this fun Grammar and Punctuation reference book!. It tries to make it fun!. We have some Basher books that do this, too, but this one has a lot more information. Their Illustrated Thesaurus is also fun, but we haven’t used it much as we haven’t done creative writing yet. WORLD WARS


This is a really great reference! I love it! Our 8 year old is just getting old enough to read it or have it read to him…he’s very sensitive. Since we did history sentences for Classical Conversations for this this year, though it has sparked an interest! WHAT’S SCIENCE ALL ABOUT


I really like this one for 8-12. Great information. Really, I enjoy reading it has an adult!!! SCIENCE DICTIONARY https://u3808.myubam.com/p/513/illustrated-dictionary-of-science-ir-cv

Another nice resource! It’s a dictionary, so not as detailed as the others, but still very good. ATLAS https://u3808.myubam.com/p/6024/big-picture-atlas

There is an Atlas in the back of the geography encyclopedia and we have the picture atlas and the lift the flap one. Both are good and both have some limitations. I want to get the Big Picture Atlas, but I cannot say what it’s like inside. I need to watch a YouTube video (there are YouTube videos about almost every Usborne book).

Somewhere around 50% of US high school graduates cannot identify New York City on a map. Geography should be a huge focus as our world gets more global. These books I like for Elementary and early middle school. I have TONS of great books for Preschool through Elementary as well. Our daughter learned colors and is learning her numbers and letters with these resources. I kid you not, laying on the ground next to me is a 3 year old looking through the Usborne Alphebet Picture Book asking me to read it to her ;). And, she just walked out and came back with Count to 100. https://u3808.myubam.com/p/5165/alphabet-picture-book