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You Can School Unplugged and on the Go!

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We went to Ohio last week to visit all the grandparents.  Our plane trip was relatively Unplugged.  Audiobooks were as far as we plugged in and that was for C-Bear since he had to sit by strangers for half the time.  These paint by sticker books  were a fabulous use of idle time ( the zoo one for kids is only $5 ) and we bought this adult one for the return trip for more challenge.  He cannot wait to dig in!

His uncle got him the most high-powered nerf guns ever! Nerf Rival .  They make the standard nerf guns look pretty wimpy!  

They had a standoff with Grandpa as he returned home from work.

We visited the Great Lakes Science Center.  It is a little spendy to get in, but it was 100% worth it.

Nano fluid .  That stuff was unreal.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is next door.

It is on Lake Erie, in Cleveland, Ohio.

There is a lot for little ones including a whole room of fun with a ball pit!

And plasma .  How cool looking!!!  It's like watching fire!  Haha!

A limited time exhibit was Lego.  Of course C-Bear was interested.  Actually, the exhibit he spent the most time in was the breadboard circuits.  They were very similar to snap circuits.

If you didn't know, this is near my hometown .  We talked about architecture and sky scrapers and history on the way home.

Then we went to a candy store.  B. A. Sweetie.

Maybe K-Bug enjoyed those raspberries too much (family favorite).

We also got gifts from my brother of woolen goods from Ireland when he made a recent trip there for work.  All I asked for was maybe a tin whistle .  Uncle Chris doesn't do things small.  Ha!

While I did let C-Bear watch 3 movies with my Dad this is a bonding thing.  They are always old movies and they work out and watch them together.  The Great Escape, Gunga Din, and Singing In The Rain were the movies of choice.  He liked the Great Escape, which was surprising to me since several of the characters die.  It is about a real event, so that is good.  It's also one of my Dad's favorite movies.  He didn't care as much for Gunga Din.  He really liked Singing in the Rain but they won't finish it until summer.  Bonding is important.  We don't let our ideals about lack of electronics completely trump everything.  We have limits with everything, but there are always possible exceptions and this was one.  I have fond memories of watching old movies and listening to old music with my parents.  These things are good!

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