• Candice Forte

Life Hack...ugly bed rails

This may not be a common problem, but I wanted to share.  We have had bed rails from C-Bear waiting on K-Bug for ages.  We finally put her in a big girl bed!  We are still in the process of decorating her big girl room, but I knew the blue rails from "Bubba's" room when he was a preschooler would clash horribly.  Especially once we got her wall decor up.

As I was lamenting the pretty pink/gray/turquoise room along with the royal blue rails I had an epiphany.  Those rails were about crib length. I came in and checked a crib sheet...they were the same! 

When I marked the place where I would cut to make a hem I realized it was pretty close to half the crib sheet !   What?!!!

I went up to our craft room, cut up all the side seams, cut the two short ends that were elastic so I could have them be flat (right and left ends on the picture), and let the long enda stay elastic.  

Then, I cut about an inch off the initial cut.  I folded it under and made a hem.  It was about an inch and a half.

I made a new "corner" swam by just folding the crib sheet in half where the seam was anyway and sewing down the edge.  Then, I folded the extra back and continued down the edge/swam until I had an extra flap of material and I cut it off with pinking shears .

I actually pinked every cut I made.  I have a serger that would have finished it off nicely, but I was in a creative hurry and just wanted to see if it would turn out!

Well, it turner out really well and I may just make another out of K-Bug's other leftover crib sheet!  Yay for variety!

If you would like to see a picture version of this tutorial let me know!




Much nicer!!!