• Candice Forte

What We are Doing Now and some Recommendations

I have a tutorial coming soon by Education.com. I am sorry I have not been really swift to update this blog. I can't figure out the commenting but once I shut down the Facebook page I had no idea how many visitors this site sees and it is lowly motivating. What are we doing now? Still homeschooling. Actually, though it is still a daily struggle for a boy who would rather lego than anything it has gotten better; a lot better.

We are still doing Classical Conversations. We have fallen even more in love with the program as we have done it. C-Bear is in Foundations and Essentials this year. So, if you are familiar with the program he is still doing weekly memory work and now is in an intense writing program that is a combination of Classical Conversations materials and Institute for Excellence in Writing coursework. He is still working on cursive, we still supplement with reading aloud, and we have completely changed math from Math-U-See to Saxon. We had a short stint trying out Teaching Textbooks and Math Lessons for a Living Education, but we didn't really think either was a good fit for us. I probably ought to do a post comparing the curricula. Saxon is a great fit. He is in Math 3, so it is still cumbersome for me as his teacher, but this should be improving next year as it approaches a self-study. Saxon 3 is equivalent to public school 4th grade. I don't really understand it, but that is what I was told by some people really familiar with it. Next year he will be in Saxon 4/5.

Here is our current book list: History: America's Story, Who Was books, Lamplighter American History for Young Americans Geography: Draw the USA Science: Master Books Respiratory System, Nervous System, and Cardiovascular System English Grammar: Classical Conversations Essentials of the English Language Writing/Comp: IEW American History Math: Saxon 3 Read Aloud: Lamplighter Books, Green Ember, Ember Falls, Blackstar of Kingston (reading S.D. Smith books over and over because we love them) Character Training: Lamplighter Books (BIG SALE on selected items this week) and Character Book Set. Handwriting: Prescripts Cursive K-Bug begins participating in Classical Conversations next year. This year she is still in the nursery and she has a fabulous teacher who does a lot more than just babysitting so it is perfect for her!

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