• Candice Forte

Boogie Board Black Board Review

Personally, I think for the price of this product, it yields a lot of bang for your buck. My hands are dried out from dry erase not actually erasing well and having to use rubbing alcohol to completely erase. Also, after a long day of homeschooling, the last thing I want to do is stand there and erase laminated papers (and then have them not erase well and then have to use rubbing alcohol). The rubbing alcohol is why I don't delegate this task to C-Bear. This thing makes work a BREEZE!

The size compared to the Boogie Board Jot is much larger and I wouldn't do the copy work we need to do in any smaller a space. It is perfect as you can just print out an 8.5x11 and use it. I am printing out negatives of my forms we use as they can better be seen.

The app initially was just so-so.

But, this is the app today. It is much better. They must not have had it completely up to speed when I downloaded it (It was before the product was released officially so I don't doubt it).

Anyway, I am really happy with this product. See my video review for more detail! It is embedded above!

Not everyone is operating in the same budget and I realize that. For our family, this investment has paid off dividends with countless hours of wiping dry erase boards.