• Candice Forte

Answers for Homeschooling - A Review

I was offered the opportunity to review some new titles published by Master Books. I was delighted as we currently use two different Master Books sets in our studies. We use America's Story books 1, 2, and 3 to study American History (gorgeous and informative) and these books for Anatomy and Physiology (also gorgeous and informative).

Short, yet thorough I read through Answers for Homeschooling in two sittings of maybe an hour and a half each. It is a swift read, but very thorough! He has a lengthier volume called Education: Does God have an Opinion that is a more detailed version of this book. Since I like to keep things short and sweet, I was excited to read this and get a lot of information for minimum time.

New to Homeschooling? If you are new to the homeschooling scene this is a great book to read because it includes a history of homeschooling and some of the ins and outs of curriculum. He covers the major styles with their strengths and weaknesses. He also includes a lot of information for those questions and concerns that those around you may have. The classic, "what about socialization" is covered! Ha! I enjoyed both the data he includes as well as Scripture to back up so much of what he is saying in any part of the book.

Veteran Homeschooler? That leads me to my next point on the book. If you are a veteran homeschooler, don't just think this is for newbies! We all need encouragement. Sometimes, in the trenches, it can be easy to forget the “whys” of what we do. Israel provides statistics/facts/Biblical truths to remind us to stand firm in our endeavors, for they will fail to be fruitless. Summary I am so glad I read this book! I will likely read it through several more times (perhaps even yearly) throughout our homeschooling journey. It’s brevity allows for a small time commitment, but it packs a big punch! I may, though, need to check out his longer book because this shorter one did leave me desiring even more details. All in all, I think you will be pleased with this book, no matter how long you have been homeschooling.

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