• Candice Forte

Be Still and Know...

Anyone get into a rut where you feel like you are constantly urging your kids to just get their work done so you can do whatever it is that you want to do? (*hand raised*)

It is like we are all ramped up for the year in July/August and then we leap into the school year and run out of gas by Christmas. Our children do, too, it seems.

We have recently “been there.” C-Bear and I were really butting heads when it came to school work, especially. Well, really everything was a fight. Ever been there? Well, a little tip. We DID revamp some of our parenting and made it far more God-centric (it should have been there anyway, but it wasn’t...the scales fell from our eyes and it was so painfully obvious). But we also really took a look at our school day. You know? It was far too much like school at home and not so much like what we intended. Since I started playing guitar for worship in church recently, I decided we ought to have family worship every morning. So, instead of C-Bear waking up and me trying to get him going, we eat breakfast, read Proverbs, and worship together. It has been so lovely! We also decided to cut back on the amount of unnecessary seat work we were giving him. The results (and I would say with confidence it is all because of our focus on the Lord and not on the lessening of seatwork) have been really beautiful! Not every day is a slice of heaven, but there has been far more times of joy and togetherness than ever before. So, if you are in the throes of school being an everyday fight (or everything being an everyday fight) I would challenge you to really think about where your focus is. Are you imparting your Christian worldview to your children with a Christ-focus, or are you just trying to get them to get their worksheets done and new instruction out of the way so you can move on? I know I have. So, I am writing this so I can look back on this when things get chaotic and ugly again and remember to keep focusing on what matters...to be still and know He is God.

Academics will still need to happen, but when the focus is correct on God, they are a whole lot easier to include without fight.

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