• Candice Forte

Book Review: World's Story 1, The Ancients: Creation to the Roman Empire by Angela O’Dell

Let me preface my words here with the fact that we are already Angela O'Dell fans. We use Classical Conversations and this year we have been going through "Cycle 3." The History for this Cycle is American History. We have been using: America's Story Vol. 1: From the Ancient Americas to the Great Gold Rush America's Story Vol. 2: From the Civil War to the Industrial Revolution

America's Story Vol. 3: From the Early 1900s to Modern Times

These books are so beautiful, first off! They really are! This new release is no exception. The photographs take you to these places. If these books and Jim Weiss's audio recordings (which I actually recommend over the books or along with the books) of Story of the World 1, 2, 3, and 4 got together and reproduced, their offspring would have to be a time machine. That said, I LOVE how engaging the text in these books is. The Story of the World is another favorite history series of ours and we have not yet listened to Mystery of History, but have heard great things. See some images below.

The text majors in the majors and goes back to a Christian worldview. We have read some elementary textbooks that were so much better suited for middle school/high school students. They bordered on complete dryness. They were also Christian worldview, but they lacked the beauty and concise information of these books. They just seemed to go on and on and my children would gloss over and maybe hear me when I saw "we will get to that tomorrow" and run off to play. Not with these. They like to sit and look while I read and the text is plenty informative enough without being cumbersome and outright boring. That is my main take away from these books. I got to preview this one digitally and I knew right away that these are the history books we will take with us back to Cycle 1 next year for Classical Conversations. We purchased a hard copy from Master Books! Bravo, Angela O'Dell! We appreciate your work! BTW, if you use Classical Conversations you know that no extra history curriculum is needed. These books are used in a very light-hearted fashion for extra information. The timeline cards and other Classical Conversations resources can provide you with a lot of extra, too, and there is no need for additional content. These are just fun, beautiful, and informative without being too much!