• Candice Forte

Bond With Your (Grand)Child and Practice Writing!

My Father In Law may be a genius! He brought us a Shut the Box game last year and it helps a lot with addition facts, but this new idea tops it! They just visited and my Father-in-Law brought the coolest thing with such a fun idea! It is called a cypher wheel. He is very into colonial times and revolutionary war reenacting and knows of these things most people have never heard of! His idea is that he has a cypher wheel, he bought C-Bear a cypher wheel, and they will send secret messages back and forth to each other to decode. This is sort of like a secret decoder ring from A Christmas Story, but still different and really neat!

Cipher (can be spelled either way) wheels were around before Jefferson, but this particular wheel was invented by Jefferson. Essentially you spell out words and use any nonsense combination of letters around the wheel that match up when you align a word and your recipient is to line up the nonsense letters and then figure out the actual word (because really only one word will make sense around the wheel when you align the nonsense ones). It’s super easy, fun, and makes for a fun bonding experience with kids and grandparents/other kids/parents/siblings. If your recipient lives out of your home, they need to have the same cypher wheel, though, so that is the con to doing this. If you have a spare $50-$60 (for two) and have a long-distance grandchild, or some like situation where this could be fun and a "bonding" experience, then this is such a great idea!

Since my in-laws were just at our house and did a Colonial Days presentation for our Classical Conversations campus, C-Bear illustrated things from that day.

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