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Getting a Little ...Ahem...Personal. Lume Deodorant Review

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Lume! This is really an amazing product! I am always a very skeptical person when it comes to new products, so this was a pleasant surprise. The first two days I used it...BO....within hours. I emailed customer service and they pointed me to a video about using an enzyme spray on my pits of my clothing to prep them and to use it after wearing clothing. No more odors. No more odors anywhere *wink. ANYWHERE. I am going to be sharing this from the hilltops :). Thank you for making an awesome product! I love that a solid, science-based doctor has created something that doesn't have potentially harmful ingredients in it that really works! It DOES have a strong herbal smell at first, and I actually do NOT like herbal smells at all. But, it goes away and is NOT replaced with my own, natural, ahem...essence. I am a smell-less wonder :). I questioned the product after using it for a bit. There is a lot of quackery out there nowadays and different opinions on products by non-experts that leads to mass confusion. I e-mailed the company about their safety and product testing. I got an amazing response filled with grace and she sent me a link to where they test the product. It is the same place Proctor and Gamble tests their deodorants. She said they proved a 48 hour lack of odor. She also said they could have probably proven a much longer efficacy, but decided 48 hours was good enough. My anecdote. As I write this I need a shower! Ha! I am sweating under my arms but have no odor. There is no odor anywhere else on my body that would normally have body odor. I have not tested this for 48 hours, but I plan to. I can tell you definitely that my old natural deodorant would not be holding up like this Lume. I will be a regular customer after this. A couple things about Lume. You must pre-treat your tops with an enzyme spray. See below for videos from the CEO and OBGYN/Developer of Lume. Watch the videos if you buy Lume. Your experience won't be positive if you don't prep your clothes or prime your body correctly (I promise...it's super easy).

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You can also use some of this and dilute it with water. I tried it and I wasn't seeing the same results, but maybe it's just me.

How to pre-treat your clothing video!

How to "Prime" your body with Lume (application instructions!

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