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Lume: Giving it to you Straight

Updated: Jul 20

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I have had this blog post in my head now for months. Lume has been slightly reformulated, repackaged, and retested, but still works every bit as well (if not better). All the things I want to share! I think this will be of interest to a lot of homeschoolers (and others) due to the fact that we are all just more naturally-minded these days! I plan to do an update soon on school and what we are up to on that front. But first, deodorant! Ha! I still use Lume and still love it! I will, indeed, give it to you straight. Here are my findings.

1. It is the best natural deodorant I have ever used. None even come close. None.

2. Some people say it doesn't work. While I cannot deny someone's body chemistry doesn't cooperate with it the biggest issue I have found is clothing. I would bet many of those folks have not prepped their clothing or they are wearing clothing that is not able to be deodorized by enzyme sprays. If you have man-made fiber clothing *raises hand* there is potential for incompatibility in some of your clothes.

First thing is first, you have to prep your clothes and you have to continue to spray down your pits of your shirts on the inside every time you take them off. We use this. We found it cheaper online than at our local Walmart for whatever reason. There is a bulk version of the spray, too! Very cost-effective! We have not gone through even one of the bulk containers since May.

My husband used it and loved it, but he was reluctant to get rid of his old shirts and therefore would smell quite badly occasionally, but he says he wants to use it again at some point.

3. I really could go without deodorant for longer than 24 hours with Lume. I don't. I like to feel fresh and it just makes me feel that way so I use it. I have gone 48 hours, though, without an issue. It has been tested to 72 hours, which is crazy.

4. It works on ALL odors. Feet, underarms....etc...you get the drift and not the drift of body odor.

5. The only scenario, other than a certain shirt not cooperating with it (I have two tri-blend, new shirts that my husband bought me on vacation and they and Lume don't get along) is if I am sweating out of anxiety. For some reason, if I am very anxious, like when I teach 7th graders at our homeschool group on Tuesdays, I just cannot wear it and it doesn't matter if it is a shirt that gets along with it or not. Could I have cortisol or something going on? I am not sure, but I have not solved that dilemma and I have to wear...eek...regular deodorant when in that situation.

6. The crazy thing about the "anxiety scenario" is I could alternatively, put it on in the morning, workout a sweaty, sweaty Autumn Calabrese workout in the evening...no underarm odor. What? None. And, no, that isn't because she worked me out until I was unconscious...at least not usually. No odor. 7. A lovely perk is the lack of ingrown hairs in my underarms. None....until I decided I had to switch to an aluminum on those days of anxiety. Then I get them occasionally and I had forgotten how painful they were!

8. My personal conclusion is: Even if I have days that I know it won't work for me, the vast majority of my days it will and I continue to use it because if I can NOT use aluminum deodorant for even two days a week it is two days I had been using it before. It is still the very best natural deodorant I have used. I never had any rashes like the baking soda deodorants give me, either (it has no baking soda). The closest natural deodorant I used that worked even close to as well was Adidas Cotton Tech. I used it over 5 years ago, though (I have been looking for a natural deodorant for a longer time than that) and though you can purchase it through the link provided, it has apparently been reformulated, so caveat emptor. I have tried over a dozen others and they were all popular brands and didn't find one I even liked, let alone loved, until Lume.

9. The silver lining if you have a cloud (of funk in your underarms) and it isn't working for you (but seriously, prep your clothes) is that you can use it anywhere else on your body so it isn't like you have to throw it out. I wouldn't trust putting another deodorant on my feet or, gasp, anywhere else. I think that is a major selling point. But, I still use it as my regular deodorant 6 days a week. The developer told me that using my aluminum deodorant some days could make Lume not be quite as effective, but so far I have not found that to be the case. I think it's worth a shot! Prep the pits of your clothing with something like this (this is what we use)!

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