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Review: Literati Subscription Service

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Subscription boxes have intrigued me for a while now. Since we love books around here it makes sense that we would try a book box. This box we ordered for K-Bug and it is called Literati. If you are interested in it you will get $25 in free books by clicking here!

The summary:

You pay $10 dollars a month for the "experience." This charge will not be refunded even if you send all of the books back. You get stickers, a little uv-style light and pen for secret code writing/reading, and a fine art print (see below for all of that). I found those pens here and they have been a fun way to practice writing and reading around here! Once a month (or on a cycle that you choose, you can even choose certain months) a pretty aqua box comes to your door that includes 5 new books. These books include a mix and match of new, lesser-known authors and some favorites.

About the books:

Here are the books that were in our box. We ended up not keeping any. If I had to rank them, Edwina was the favorite, then It's Mine.

We love Mo Willems and Leo Lionni is another author we have enjoyed from time to time. Fish is Fish is a favorite because of C-Bear's love of any aquatic creatures. Mo Willems books are those which made C-Bear really fall in love with reading. We are grateful! We appreciate his Elephant and Piggie books the most! Do yourself a favor if you don't have them and pick them up. I linked to the best bang for your buck. They are so good!

Overall, then, the book selection was not really something I was too excited about, particularly to pay even Amazon comparable prices for new. I would be more likely to read through these, return, and buy them used if anything. Some books I want to buy new, these just weren't those books. I am not sure if we are going to give it another shot or not, but I did want to share what was my favorite part about this program.

Literati allows you to send them up to 5 books (read the photo above) with your returns for them to give to young readers in need of support. We fully got on board here and sent some favorites that we had doubles of (don't judge)! Below is the entire box. 5 new books, a fine art print, secret message pen and a paper with a pre-printed secret message to read, and 5 "book belongs to K-bug" stickers that are not shown. The print was cute, but we likely will not hang it, as much as we love books around here! It would go well in a dedicated kids playroom/reading room or even a bedroom.

Ultimately, I don't see our family using this service regularly. I think it would be very nice for a family who doesn't know what books to buy their children, wants to try different authors, or is not very picky about subtexts of books their children are reading/being read. Since we know what books we like to buy our children and we also are extremely picky about subtexts and messages in books they read (not to mention potty humor and such things as that) this just isn't a good fit for us. I was intrigued, though, and since we decided to try it out I wanted to share it with you. If you have a book box that you think is great we would love to hear about it and perhaps try it out! Shoot us a message!

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