• Candice Forte

Review: Toucan Box

Hate gathering supplies for arts and crafts? I love to craft, but sometimes doing it with kids is...well, not even the same thing. It's interesting because I was drawn to My Father's World when C-Bear was a little guy because I do enjoy crafting. I think the gathering of supplies for kids crafts may be one of the biggest obstacles for me. When I craft alone I know what I need and it's easy. Following kid craft instructions can sometimes be annoying to make sure you have everything on hand. I am getting better about it, but Toucan Box has been a fun thing for us to try. Try it for half off!

This box comes with two crafts. One of these was Easter-related and the other a Chinese Lion Puppet. I don't think this has any holiday-based significance (perhaps Chinese New Year, but that was in January), but it was interesting and we need to get a book and read about it.

We started with the Easter craft. At age 5, a lot fo adult help needs to occur to help with the order of the craft, but she did everything almost by herself.

Here are the two crafts, a magazine and sticker sheet.

The Easter craft was an egg bunting and a little pair of rabbit ears. The bunting was the main craft.

She drew on the white eggs with white crayon. Had I to do it over again I would have had her go much more crazy with this. I actually tried, but this is what she wanted.

Next came painting with a watercolor set that came with it. The idea was that the crayon would repel the paint and make a design.

Next we made cute little yellow chicks busting out of their shells. Some double-sided sticky back tape was supplied by ToucanBox, but we also had to use some good old fashioned Elmer's Glue to get the feathers on.

The finished result was pretty cool, if you ask me!

It came with a very easy craft of headband and bunny ears, too! She got a lot of compliments on them!

Next came the lion puppet. She actually did this one much more herself, so I don't have step by step photos. It came out cute!

The biggest downside to these was the lack of adhesive and also that feathers don't really like double-sided sticky tape squares very much. We had to use our own school glue for the crafts. I really liked the box! I need to evaluate whether I think it's worth the price since we have a lot of craft supplies at home. I may just need to up my Pinterest game and make up some kits, like I am doing for science. Anyway, these were cute and the first month is very price-effective if you do it with a code! Happy Crafting!

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