• Candice Forte

Book Recommendations for Grace and Truth Books: Picture Books

This post contains no affiliate links. The reason being is that you may be able to get these titles where we are an affiliate, but the better option would be to support a small business in this case and we have the perfect one! Grace and Truth Books is owned by people we know. It is local to us. The bookstore is used by many very solid Christian customers and carries solid Christian materials. The owners have spoken at many homeschooling conventions. We use them because we never have to question the material or somehow pre-read it or research it. They have vetted the materials for us. This is such a relief in today's climate! You can hardly walk into Mardel or many others and have that same assurance (far from it)! The only kink we have ever found as far as books in our home is C-Bear's level of content sensitivity. He is sensitive to stories where there are deaths, etc. So, I will share with you what we have read from Grace and Truth Books that we love! This post will just concern picture books so we can break it down a bit. Both children have enjoyed all of these!

Picture Books (Early Elementary)

Good News for Little Hearts – Full 6 volume set

You wouldn't want just one of these! These picture books are so good. They deal with real problems little kids face and real Biblical answers!

The Little Lights: Full set of 15 volumes

Missionary Biographies. These are so perfect for introductions to famous Christians and both teach lessons as well as show good role models.

That Little Voice in Your Head: Learning about your Conscience (Andrew David Naselli)

We really enjoyed this one.

Don’t Blame the Mud: Only Jesus Makes us Clean (Marty Machowski)

Who is responsible for our sin and who can cleanse us of our sin? Everything Marty Machowski we have is very high-quality!

A Child’s First Book About Marriage (Jani Ortlund) A Biblical Primer on God's plan for marriage. Very well handled!

The Ology: Ancient Truths, Ever New (Marty Machowski)

Both theologically rich and beautiful! Another winner by Machowski

The World Created, Fallen, Redeemed, and Restored (Sally Michael)

The gospel in a very clear presentation. It is excellent! Search Sally Michael on Grace and Truth Books! She has a LOT of really great books!

God Counts: Numbers in His Word and His World (Irene Sun)

Numbers declare the glory of God!

Reformation ABCs (Steven J. Nichols)

Bible History ABCs (Stephen J. Nichols)

There are three in this series and they are all good! The store carries the two listed above.

Spurgeon Stories for Children – 5 volume Set These are so sweet and memorable! They are stories about Spurgeon, not from Spurgeon. That was our only confusion when we bought them. Since reading his wife's biography, Susie, I can't wait to read through these again with K-Bug and they will take on a whole new meaning to me!

The Prince’s Poison Cup (R. C. Sproul)

The Priest With Dirty Clothes (R. C. Sproul)

There are at least 6 Sproul children's books and we have all of them. The Lightlings is even in our first grade curriculum. The store carries several.

God Made All of Me (Justin & Lindsey Holcomb)

In such a world as this, this book is important! Great information to help train your children as to what to do if put in an abusive situation, and more.

There are many more that I recommend and I plan to add some other categories soon! We have a ton of their books...too many to mention. You cannot go wrong!