• Candice Forte

Classical Music Curriculum

Great Musician Series by Opal Wheeler

Do you want to impart your love for music to your children? Do you want your children to at least have a small knowledge of classical music? I wanted to share about a series we stumbled across recently. We had purchased a random box of homeschooling books and these were included. We loved them so much that we purchased even more from Grace and Truth Books. The series is called the Great Musician Series and they are mostly written by Opal Wheeler.

These books are wonderful! They tell compelling stories of each of these famous musicians of yesteryear. Many had struggles and hardships. We have a very sensitive student and he dealt well with any of the sadder aspects of the musicians’ lives. I would say they kept most of them positive, and highly engaging. The kids have learned so much about each of these composers. We have read Handel, Haydn, Brahms, and are currently reading Schumann. Since a lot of the composers knew one another or of one another we have just chosen what to read next based on interest. We have the paperback copies of many of these volumes. I love how written music is included!

The text is easily read by a 5th grader and though the illustrations are in black and white, they are very interesting to look at. These are good mid to upper elementary books, though our Kindgartener really enjoys them as well.

If you are more interested in audiobooks, you can buy the audiobooks as a set (there are two sets) directly from the publisher, Zeezok. As far as I can tell, the MP3 set may be a great way to go as music is included in the audiobooks. We have CDs for those volumes we found in our mystery box. If we hadn’t gotten these in a mystery box, though, I think we would have opted for the audio books. I love that I am able to give the kids a good introduction to classical music, a look into history in the time of these composers, and am able to do it without them spacing out and being utterly bored. These get asked for daily!

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