• Candice Forte

Lume - New Scents!!

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I have never been a very big essential oils/herbal fan, so when I saw that Lume was coming out with some coconut (my favorite) and tangerine fragrances I had to check them out! Here is my take: The coconut smelled like cardboard to me at first. My close friend actually said it smelled like cardboard to her, but her daughter wanted it. Over time I have grown to tolerate and maybe a little like it. I still prefer Jasmine Rose, but the coconut would not be bad occasionally. Especially since they have TUBES.

The tangerine had only a very mild citrus tone. I think the issue with these two is they need a higher fragrance concentration or something. Once again, it wasn't bad. I would buy a TUBE in the future to switch it up. If you are expecting a strong fragrance, these won't be for you.

One thing that bears mentioning is that the texture of these is slightly different. It has a marked improvement from our older Lumes. The older texture was more sticky. This has a more smooth feel to it and I feel it applies easier without having to walk around airing your pits out afterward since it was more tacky. Lume is still our deodorant of choice around here. C has gotten into golf and I have come to realize that I cannot Lume with my man made fiber golf shirts. I just am too rank at the end of a golf match and it's too hot here. However, 97% of the time I wear Lume and still love it! Always remember to use Nature's Miracle on your pits to prep your clothing! This will help remove build up and makes almost all of my clothing work for me!

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