• Candice Forte

Lume...This Stuff is the Real Deal!

Updated: Jul 20

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Yes, this is my third post about Lume. I have some educational posts coming soon and MEL science will be the lead off.

This repeat Lume post is because it has been somewhat of a journey for me. I went from being shocked and awed by its effectiveness to having some issues and back to a perfect track record.

I started using it in May of 2018. I saw a Facebook ad and I have no idea why I bit at it, but I have looked for natural deodorants for years and they were all awful. The best was Adidas Cottontech and they stopped making it. Then it was crystals that left me insecure and sometimes smelling of crystal-ly funk. Then baking soda which gave me lovely burns. Back to aluminum. At least it worked. Lol. Then Lume. Wow. Amazing!

Lume worked very well from the start. I used Nature’s Miracle on my shirts to prep them and kept using it every wash. I had great success! I even used the recommended detergent. For some reason, though, I sometimes had difficulty with it. Not often, but it happened. I still loved it and resigned myself to sharing it with aluminum if I was in a large group and nervous.

Anyway, a couple months ago I decided to be lazy and started applying it with the propel stick. For some weird reason (that really seems “Woo-ey” to me) I have not had any trouble with it since. Makes no sense to my limited knowledge of biochemistry. Also, Dr. Klingman, who developed Lume, says to use your fingers for better application. So, I don’t know why the stick seems to work better for me. What she recommends makes far more sense. Try it both ways!

This week it is in the high 90s and low 100s in Oklahoma. I have worn Lume everyday for many weeks and put my “backup” stick of Dove in a drawer. I don’t need it. I was in a room without air conditioning for 20-30 minutes and had zero issues. I even had my friend sniff my pits as I was singing Lume praises. She was impressed. I wasn’t dry because there is no aluminum but I smelled like almost nothing except a faint hint of Jasmine Rose. Today I sat outside from 10-1 in the blazing heat. I was in the shade but I was dripping sweat. No odor whatsoever. It is amazing freedom! I also have found that I don’t always have to spray my shirts with Nature’s Miracle. I can not spray them for a while and if I notice an uptick in funk I spray the pits down and then stop for a bit.

I have run for a half hour in 90+ degree heat with no odor. That is hardly a long run, though. I have also hiked for 2 hours in the Sangre de Christo mountains but it was cooler but I had a pack on. No odor. After our morning hike I didn’t shower and we hiked again for 1-2 hours at night and I smelled fine by the time I showered that night.

The man/boy in my family use silver spruce and it is a nice, manly scent. My husband has now switched over and is having no issues like he was having when he initially started using it. I still prefer original scent but I like Jasmine Rose. I do not care for Juniper Berry. It is not so gross that I would complain, but it just isn't my favorite. I love that Lume can be used in pits, down yonder, on feet, on any odiferous part of the body.

My Lume side notes: -Always have Nature's Miracle around. I don't have to use it all the time but did initially and now do to refresh.

-Of the new scents I would say Juniper Berry is my least favorite but the scent doesn’t hang on for that stick so I will still use the one I bought.

-Very few to no in-grown hairs.

-Works everywhere effectively.

-It is water based, so when you shower you will need to reapply. I had totally misunderstood the whole 72 hours thing when it came to showers and it didn't end well let me tell you!

-no residues. No stains, etc, on clothes, black or white! Yay!

-I have had many friend try it on my recommendation. I have checked in with all of them and everyone has given it rave reviews!

Stick tip!!!!: the new stick style (old one is shown in photos of the original stick) was a challenge for me to get used to without over-applying. The original stick was no problem but it didn’t travel well at all. The new stick travels well, but why was I overapplying? I was only taking the product flush with the applicator. Turns out as you apply you squeeze the stick without knowing it and end up slathered with your favorite Lume. I don’t like to waste money and so want to use as little as possible with max benefit. My pro tip is to not even bring the product to the top. Leave it below and give it a squeeze and see how much bulges out and then adjust. I am training our 11 year old son on this because he was an even bigger culprit that I!

Try it out! My "backup stick" of Dove has been permanently put away for a time in the future where I can take it out like a rotary telephone and show the kids what life was like before Lume!