• Candice Forte

Review: Home School in the Woods - Timeline Collection

Updated: Aug 17

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

We love history! Hands-on history projects are an added bonus for us and knowing the timeline of world history is of great value. We were so blessed to get to use Timeline Collection: A Collection of Historical Timeline Figures by Home School in the Woods. This product can be used by grades K-12. We received a digital download and once we unzipped it, we were ready to go! Our main curriculum provider uses this Timeline Collection and I hadn't pulled the trigger on buying it last year just due to switching curriculum the year before and having so much to buy, but I would have regretted not having this for the entirety of C's education. He takes a self-paced history course and this was the perfect accompaniment for it (surely why they use it as an optional product alongside their courses).

They have history broken into four different time periods: Creation to Christ, Reformation to Revolution, America, and Napoleon to Now. There are also bonus figures. Each of these has index pages and then you can print either large wall pieces or small journal pieces (each can be printed with or without accompanying text). We chose the small pieces with text. These come in big sheets that you can print and cut.

The index is very helpful.

I love the style of the artwork on these!

The way we used it was very simple. We took a journal and labeled every 25 years of history starting with 1400 or so and he colored all of the small figures with text when they were mentioned in his course. This kept him on his toes! There were a few 25 year spans that he covered with a LOT of figures and some with less. Some of the figures could have fit in more than one time span, but we did the best we could. The good thing about this is he realized that even though his history song lists things in a certain order, some dates overlapped so it's as chronological as possible. Below are a few sample pages from his journal.

This is a nice extra for him in history without giving him a huge workload (he has quite enough). Then, when you finish all of history you have a nice keepsake!

The wall-sized figures would be great for a dedicated school room (which we don't have) or coloring sheets (which we love). Actually, there are even re-sizable GIFs for total customization.

What made me even more excited about this product was our past experience with this company. Last election year, C was in a co-op setting and they put together these awesome U.S. Elections Lap-paks! These could easily be done individually, too, and with this being an election year I am strongly considering buying this. We could use it this year with C, and K can tag along, then in 2024 we could use it again with K!

This Lap-pak is obviously quite pertinent to this school year and would be a great addition to anyone's home school.

C was pretty young when he did this. He would get much more out of it now. It's very inexpensive for a digital file you can use again and again!

Here is more information about the Lap-pak and what all it contains.

Another thing to note is that through August 31st they are giving away a free copy of their Greek Life! File Folder Game when you use the code TOSGameNight at checkout. No purchase necessary.

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