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Review: Journey Homeschool Academy

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. This post contains affiliate links. When you click these links and make a purchase we get a very small percentage of the sale and it helps us pay for this website.

Our main curriculum is classical and does not use science until 7th grade. While we are ok with that, we were absolutely delighted to be able to have C-Bear get some homeschool biology in with Journey Homeschool Academy. We had the pleasure of test driving Experience Biology: Elementary.

We have really enjoyed this curriculum tremendously! Some of the lessons have flown over the head of K-Bug, at age 6, but C-Bear at age 12 has understood most everything.

What it is: 1. There is a video each week. It is meant to be used as one Lesson per week. Each lesson has a video, a memory video, a hands-on packet, and suggested additional books. The video lengths are long enough to be informative, but not so long that an elementary student will have time to bounce off the walls or get otherwise distracted. The videography/cinematography is beautiful and engaging! They are a mix of the creators speaking about the subject and different shots to create a captivating visual experience. They are between 10 and 20 minutes long.

(Above) the author speaking. (Below) beautiful shots of biology.

Above is from the plant lesson.

Above is also from the plant lesson (sap).

Above is from the animal lesson. I just share these few screen shots so you can see the quality of the photography involved. Very visually gorgeous!

2. There are short memory videos every week. The memory videos are 2-3 minutes approximately, and are meant to be worked on throughout the week. These are the "take home" memory messages. There are also memory cards in the extra materials. 3. There is an extra materials list books to read along with the subject you are studying that week. There is a packet that sometimes includes projects like "candy DNA" which really bring the science to life (it's modeling DNA, but it really helps drive home the lesson). The below photo is C working on the packet for Lesson 2, which goes though different types of cells.

There are some other cool, hands-on things in the extra packets like growing fungi in lesson 9. We didn't yet, due to being a little cautious that yeast will be a hot commodity again and I won't be able to continue baking sourdough for the family! But, we want to do it soon! The packets also have handwriting in them, which is an added bonus. What did I like:

* I really liked that this curriculum is Creation-based and God-honoring. There is some scripture in each lesson. * I liked that it was video-based. We have read a few science textbooks but they are kind of...boring. Even for me, a biomedical engineer.

* I like the activities, which are a bonus and not a required extra, but fun!

* Science for EVERYONE! It can be used for all students in the family! This makes it a great value!

*For elementary courses, the access is for a lifetime, making it an awesome value! *The kids thought the twins going back in time were really fun every video. They waited for it! It's funny what kids latch onto.

For upper level courses access is only for one year and you can get a high school credit for it (more money than the elementary but still a wonderful value considering how much many high school online courses cost). I even noted that they use The Riot and the Dance book by Gordon Wilson for optional reading, which should be really interesting in Biology.

All in all our experience interacting with this course has been wonderful! It is very difficult to find God-honoring science resources that are both scientifically sound and godly. This strives to do both! There is a good chance we will be purchasing the astronomy course for elementary students as well! It is not that expensive for what you get and I am sure all of us will learn some things from it. Check out their Facebook page, as well, because they have a lot of fun freebies!

To learn more about Journey Homeschool Academy Courses and oodles more, visit the Homeschool Review Crew site!

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