• Candice Forte

Review: Math Shed and Spelling Shed

Updated: Jun 17

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

We received a 12-month subscription to Spelling Shed and Math Shed.

While we typically try to not make everything revolve around screens with our homeschool, this intrigued me because it seemed like it would engage C-Bear more than what we typically do for spelling. It did. I had to make him quit sometimes! It is fun! The Math Shed and Spelling Shed sides of the site are set up in a similar fashion. Spelling Shed has different levels with varying difficulty of word banks. Math Shed has several different topics. Both can be used in Easy to Hard (spelling has an Extreme level) difficulty levels with the same materials. A picture is worth a thousand words so let me drive you through what this looks like.

The above is the landing page after login. It's fairly self-explanatory. The student gets an avatar which is shown in the top right. The student earns points/tickets while playing and can purchase sunglasses, striped shirts, different hair, etc for the avatar.

This is Spelling Shed. Stage 1&2 are easier words and they go on up.

Once you choose your stage it offers levels from Easy, Medium, Hard to Extreme.

Easy gives you the spelling word first, visually. Then it reads it and you type it in with a letter bank from that word only. Medium doesn't give you the visual look at the word. It only reads it to you and you spell it with a letter bank that only emcompasses letters that belong to the word.

Hard gives you a bigger letter bank than is in the word. It still reads it you you audibly.

Extreme reads you the word and gives you the full keyboard/alphabet, so essentially no help.

An added bonus is that you can make your own spelling lists. This is something especially important to us because we use a fairly set curriculum. I made him a list from one of his lessons. We did experience bugs, but we made the company aware and they were very gracious and they appeared to be fixed. Overall it was not a bad experience and it is nice to be able to customize. The only limitation we have with his lists is they are 15 words and the program only chooses 10 random selections from the list so you'd have to play it more than once a day to get full exposure to your list.

Math Shed was very similar.

There are several different math categories. This is the math fact category. The easy give you 3 different answer choices.

The medium gives you 6 choices for answers.

Hard gives you no answer choices. You must type or click the calculator.

There is no extreme level for the Math Shed.

An extra C has found fun about Spelling Shed and Math Shed is that he collects rewards and is able to purchase things for his avatar with them.

In the above photo he is checking how many points he needs to buy certain shirts for his avatar.

Your student starts with a plain avatar. C has added different smiles, sunglasses, hairdo, shirt, and has his sights set on some other purchases. It is a fun little extra.

For us, we had another added bonus! While I had not intended to use this with K-Bug over the year subscription time, I had the idea to try it out with her to work on her addition and subtraction facts and she really loves it! I do like that there are some levels of control. For example, we can limit her to facts just up to 10 or up to 20 when she masters up to 10. She can also do it at easy (3 choices) medium (6 choices) and hard (type in). She is not quite ready for spelling yet, but the math will actually greatly benefit her and it's more fun than flashcards every day. I did look into it and saw there are apps, which may be better for her, but she needs to learn to use a mouse and handled it well.

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