• Candice Forte

Review: MEL Science Subscription Service

This post has been a long time in coming and I do apologize! I had a dear friend with whom I was going to do these experiments (her son and C-Bear) and they have faced a lot of adversity this year so it didn't happen in a timely fashion. We did do part of one experiment without them just to get a feel for it, but I really wanted to honor that offer to have her son and C do these together. Well, the opportunity presented itself and we did 2/3 of the sets we have gotten from MEL Science.

What is MEL Science? It is a monthly subscription box. The first month you can get for half off and it comes with a complete kit that can be used for the rest of the experiments. The kit has two sets of safety glasses, a beaker, flask, stoppers, the base part of a burner, and other assorted chemistry items. It's a nice kit. It also comes with a virtual reality viewer. You place your phone in the viewer, use their app, and it's totally amazing! You go inside atoms and see reactions. To me it is the very best part of the service and I have been told that even if you don't still have an active subscription you can use the lessons once you are a customer. That's a deal in itself! I believe you need the actual viewer they send, though, as it has a QR code.

Our orders have been #1: Chem Kit, VR viewer, and 2 Tin experiments. (Have not done the Tin)

#2 Oxygen

Surprisingly the oxygen experiments, to me, were more fun than the artificial sea. I like that they choose reactions that there is movement and change. Fire is one that will always grab a boy's attention, of course.

The other oxygen experiment we kept the flask for days and days and the reaction occurs repeatedly.

The color changing one is probably the neatest of the two to me, but the boys preferred the fire.

and #3 Artificial Sea

Experiment #1 makes jellyfish looking things. It's neat.

The seaweed was neat, but took a half hour, so I kept calling the boys back as it changed because they were more interested in remote control cars than sitting and watching.

We still have not done the first experiment that the kit comes with. This is the tin hedgehogs and dendrites. We will be doing those the next time we get together with C's friend and can complete them.

My overall summary of the experience and service is that I think it is worth it just to sign up, get one kit, and see if your child is interested. You will only be out $17, have access to an amazing app that will likely help them in chemistry class, and have some lab equipment. If they like it get more kits. If you have a close friend split the cost (VR viewer sharing may get annoying) and do the experiments together. If you try it I would love to hear how it went!!!