• Candice Forte

Review: Progeny Press Study Guide In the Year of the Board and Jackie Robinson & A New Coat for Anna

Updated: Jul 29

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

We love literature study guides and we were so excited to add the Progeny Press study guides for In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson Study Guide Grades 4-6 and A New Coat for Anna Study Guide Grades K -3 to use and evaluate.

In the Year of the Boar and of Jackie Robinson was a favorite of mine in upper elementary school. This was a prime opportunity to have C-Bear read it. I remember the humor used in the story and also the themes of the book. I loved baseball, so it was also of interest to me due to that.

I had never read A New Coat for Anna, but I really enjoyed reading it with K-Bug. It is a good picture of a European city after WWII.

Her study guide was targeted at 1st-3rd grade. It was too much handwriting for her at this age, but that was hardly the point. We did the write-ins orally and she got all of the comprehension questions correct. The first thing we did, though (above) is locate the countries involved in World War II on the map. The guide suggested it! It is always so fun to have a cross-subject approach!

The hands-on part of the guide suggested we "measure" her for a coat. She thought this was fun!

At the end we baked a Silver Cake from the end of the guide. Things like this make literature, and childhood for that matter, memorable.

After we were completely done she wanted to make a coat. While we did not actually make a coat, I told her we had a really nice wool hand-me-down in her closet she could wear around. She put on her heeled tap shoes and her coat and made herself Anna! Things included in the study guide:

  • Geography of countries in World War II.

  • Suggestions for talking to relatives about it and looking it up in the encyclopedia.

  • Field Trip Suggestion.

  • Comprehension questions.

  • Timeline work.

  • Vocabulary.

  • Tailor/Measuring activity.

  • A study in patience/character using Bible verses.

  • Baking activity

  • Writing and Art activities.

These guides can be used in a classroom setting or individually. What I really liked about them is that they have a lot of variety. We have some other guides that are great for comprehension and vocabulary, but the buck stops there in the guides themselves. They don't do quite as many literary things and an additional supplement provides that type of learning.

In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson Study Guide is meant for Grades 4-6. C-Bear is 6th grade this year so this is perfect for him! In his case he did it mostly independently, but we did a few things together. By the way, they are "interactive" and can be typed into using Adobe Acrobat if you have one who likes to type instead of write. Things included in the guide:

  • Map work.

  • World religions study

  • Vocabulary

  • Discussion on story setting

  • Comprehension questions

  • Bible work

  • Creative Writing

  • Point of View study

  • Similes

  • Pledge of Allegiance Study

  • Drawing Conclusions

  • Researching requirements to become president of the United States of America

  • Conflict and Resolution

  • Genealogy, Art, and Speech projects

I learned so much having him work through this. We did go through anything wrong. There is an answer key, too, thankfully!

This guide has SO MANY of the things that have been lacking in C's literature education. It's amazing! He needs all of the exercises discussion plot, setting, point of view, conflict, resolution, and style things like simile. It is definitely a gap in his education that we intend to bridge this year. Also, I would have been very clear about him having to answer in full sentences had I really thought of it....with proper sentence structure like capitalization...sigh.

These are so good, though, I plan to get some more. He is taking a Literature class this year and these will be so helpful for the books they have that he is going to be reading! He has some Comprehension Guides for the books, and a supplement that does many of the literary things, but these seem to have more variety within the guides themselves, so depending on his workload we may rotate a few of these in as supplements. K-Bug will benefit from these as well!

We were really pleased to get to review these guides and see what Progeny Press has to offer! For more takes on Progeny Press Study Guides and oodles more, visit the Homeschool Review Crew site!