• Candice Forte

Review: Reading Eggs

Updated: Sep 18

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

We have used Reading Eggs by Blake eLearning Inc for many years in our home. C used it when he was K's age and now they are both using it! In fact, K's "lovey" is called "Catty Cake" after one of the characters because C was using it when she was an infant/toddler. The program has remained an excellent program to play while learning reading and has expanded a lot! This is an electronic platform and you can check out if it will work for your family with a free 30-Day trial. There are 5 levels to Reading Eggs. For K we used Reading Eggs, mainly, but she also played in both Math Seeds (which includes a new feature called Mental Minute) and Fast Phonics which is new and a wonderfully fun phonics tool. C used Reading Eggspress. There other level is for younger than Katie, but she still really enjoys it. It is called Reading Eggs Junior.

I will start with K's experience. It is for ages 3-7. There was no way she could have done much in there at age 3. 4 she probably could have and I feel like 4-5 is the sweet spot. She has mastered letter sounds. I think two things she struggled with are understanding the directions and navigating out of one particular program into another. These two things would definitely clear up with regular use. She enjoys the program and I love that she can do it independently. Though we use it as a supplement, it could very easily be used as a main reading curriculum. She enjoys earning eggs and then purchasing items for her avatar or house. There are printables. We didn't utilize them, but they could make a much more rich experience. That said, what is in the online program is varied and plenty of fun for K. She goes all over in it and plays and then does some lessons. Also worth noting is Reading Eggs has some monthly themes, now. Last month was space and this month is party month. The app is now available on iOS and Android, too!

These are two screen shots of Reading Eggs.

Fast Phonics was a little different and she said all the things were silly, which she liked. Here it wanted you to find the Mmmm.

Math Seeds had her match up numerals with dominoes. The Mental Minute is a great addition (no pun intended) to the program to increase math fluency.

What was really pleasantly surprising was Reading Eggspress. C used it and I really loved all of the concepts it introduced with him. Many things were introduced it a way we hadn't really gone over yet. This was particularly true for things like inference. I think it could really help with standardized test prep for C.

Reading Eggs has been a wonderful resource for us for years. Though it may include some evolutionary things and we don't adhere to that, our kids deal ok with that and move on. It's not a major component of the curriculum, so it isn't a big deal for us. We give Reading Eggs a big thumbs up! The only caveat is that it is not Christian-based, so you will want to note that some oversight may be needed for your family. One additional nice thing is that both kids' progress is easily seen in one convenient spot. Just make sure they know how to go to their name/avatar to continue their progress in their account if they are in the same level. To see other reviews on Reading Eggs, check out the Homeschool Review Crew site by clicking the banner!