• Candice Forte

Review: Wisdom Wonder Project

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

It is always of great interest to a classical homeschooling family such as ours to peruse and use another classical curriculum such as Wisdom Wonder Project.

There are currently three curriculum packages available with Wisdom Wonder Project. There is the Little Wonders (which is Pre-K, Junior K, and Kindergarten...each different level is provided for a little differently), Young Scholars (1st grade on up and includes History, Science, and Art), and a Singapore Math video course. Parts of the courses may be purchased a la carte (i.e. if you just wanted history in first grade you could just buy the history and literature, etc).

We received the Young Scholars package. The Young Scholars bundle consists of monthly unit studies for History, Science, and Art. If you have an annual subscription you may download a few months at the beginning of the year. There is a standard grouping of materials you must purchase and most of them are typically in most homeschooler's craft supplies, but there will be extra materials that need purchased every week of the month such as air dry clay/foam cut outs. There is always a weekly sample schedule, but it is easily adjusted to suit any family's needs.


The history uses Story of the World. If you have never listened to Story of the World, it is very well done and is worth listening to. Jim Weiss is an extremely skilled storyteller if you get the audio books! We have had them for years and do love them! We also had the actual books, but the children prefer Jim Weiss to myself and I read aloud to them often anyway so it's no insult to me. The only thing I will say is that it uses BC and BCE instead of Christ, so if you are a Christian be aware. Wisdom Wonder Project is also "non-sectarian" so it is important to be aware of this. If you like history, science, and art strongly interlaced with Biblical worldview this likely won't be a good fit. In the history for the month it includes reading, journaling, narration, copywork, geography, timeline work, and hands-on projects. The shopping lists include Story of the World, extra books, puzzles, and games, etc.


The science is studying different biomes. The books are really cute. One struggle we had is our library didn't have these books available. Know that if that is the case you will also be buying books along with supplies every month. I have no idea why our library is without these books, because we have a nice library system, but I have always struggled to use library books well while trying to go along with a curriculum. Many times there is a wait. Perhaps it is because so many homeschoolers live in our area. Anyway, the science is very fun and engaging. There are fun activities, too! We are used to a more rigorous classical experience and there is something so nice about a more gentle approach! One more word of caution for the very conservative Christian. This, being non-sectarian, is going to talk about billions of years. That said, if it's not an issue for you the science units are interesting and a lot of learning can take place. Science includes vocabulary, comprehension questions, journaling, geography, and activities.


The art units consist of an artist being chosen every month and several works of their art are observed and discussed. There is a book to be read that is carefully selected about the artist and several other books alongside of it as optional reading. The art projects focus on a specific technique which changes each month. For example, with Van Gogh it was texture and play doh (homemade and the recipe is in the unit) was used. The book for Van Gogh was so delightfully fun! We even found out what his little brother's name was and that we have a family down the streets with brothers with the same names.

Overall it is a very sweet curriculum. I see the ideal family being one that enjoys learning together, enjoys the classical method, doesn't have any qualms about old earth, and has the disposable income to both pay for the subscription and also all the extra materials in the shopping lists.

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