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Veritas Press Self-Paced Grammar History and Bible Courses

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I am so glad to get back to blogging again! I have several posts to share with you about what we are doing now. We have "plugged in" more, but our overall thoughts on tech is that it is much more to be used as tools than entertainment. Homeschooling has been a journey for us. We started with a box curriculum. It was literally a curriculum in a box. We really liked it a lot and it was very affordable. It was My Father's World. Right around when we made a major move, though, there were many reasons it wasn't working well for us. The biggest one is that C-bear was not reading well, yet, and it was hindering him from moving on. Admittedly, looking back, a lot of that was our inexperience at homeschooling. However, it prompted us to move on to Funschooling, which was fun but not a good fit for us. After our next major move back to Oklahoma he had some incredible difficulty with the mastery approach we were taking in Math-U-See and switched it up. We tried Math Lessons for a Living Education and Teaching Textbooks, but both had some insurmountable faults for us. When we started with Classical Conversations we also started Saxon and it was actually a marvelous fit. We did Classical Conversations for a few years and I even directed Challenge A. It was there that I really saw what the upper level program was and saw how it would not work well for our family so I knew we needed to make another change (yes, it was a journey). We were on the right track with classical being a good fit (and always warring with the more Charlotte mason side of myself). My husband was driving us to the airport to go visit all the grandparents and a catalog for Veritas Press was in my lap as we had grabbed the mail on the way. I started leafing through it and saw a LOT of richness there. What grabbed me, in particular, was more church history than I had seen in a lot of providers. I texted one of my best friends, whom I knew used it, and had a conversation with her. I was smitten!

Self-Paced History

While I directed Challenge A that final year in CC, we did a hybrid year of CC and Veritas Press at home. This was basically where we did mostly the curriculum offered through Veritas Press and all of the CC memory work and Essentials grammar and writing. The history actually melded quite well and I can see Veritas being an excellent filler between all those timeline stops in CC. For us it really augmented our overall view of world history. I am talking about Veritas Press Self-Paced History here. We did Old Testament and Ancient Egypt while covering CC Cycle 1. It was a good fit. Veritas does their history from grades 2-6 (5 time periods) , so they cover things in more detail and you could do two self paced courses for every one cycle of CC....almost. If we were going to do both, I would probably do Old Testament and Ancient Egypt through our first Cycle 1, New Testament Greek and Rome for our second Cycle 1, Middle Ages Renaissance and Reformation for Cycle 2, and you could do Explorers to 1815 the second Cycle 2 or 3 and then 1815 to Present for Cycle 3. Regardless of the cycle you are in if you do CC, these courses are amazing. If you don't do CC, that was irrelevant except for the fact that the courses are wonderful and will engage and teach any learner. Anecdote from this week: I was singing the 7 wonders of the ancient world song yesterday from CC..particularly the part about the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus. C-Bear says, “You you know the mausoleum is actually a tomb and when Alexander the Great conquered Halicarnassus it was the only thing he didn’t destroy. The queen it was made for died before it was completed. It was destroyed many years later in an earthquake.” Um, I knew a mausoleum was a tomb and that was all. I would love to do his self-paced history and Bible courses. I do sit in on them when I can but use that time to work with K-Bug oftentimes. He is putting together pieces and it's beautiful. He does not love history. Many many kids will sit and do a lot of lessons at once because it is so engaging, but he doesn't like all the bloodshed. Welcome to our fallen world, son. We are so sorry, but you must learn it, or are doomed to repeat it.

Self-Paced Bible But we also started using Veritas Press materials with Self-Paced Bible! This was so exciting as for us a great shortcoming of CC was no Bible. C-Bear has loved his Bible courses the most. He has done Genesis to Joshua so far and the characters were his favorite so far. We do the Gospels this coming year and he sadly may not get to Judges to Kings. K-Bug will, of course. They only have these 3 courses as self-paced, but I highly recommend them. While you are using these you could also use Pages of History to bring it all alive even more. We have really enjoyed it as far as read-alouds. You could even use Pages of History without the self-paced courses, but I highly recommend the self-paced courses.

There also is a schedule of books to read-aloud in all history and bible self-paced courses. What does a Veritas Press Self-Paced Course look like?

These are just a few screen captures from one lesson. The lessons go from instructive videos with engaging characters onto games and review, then back to videos, and so on. They use some literature in the courses and the above was Bible included in History so there are plenty of crossings of subjects. Yesterday there were excerpts from Shakespeare..."Brutus was an honorable man." They have tests and quizzes that are graded. There are 160 lessons and 32 historical events (cards below matching these events) taught throughout the course. Tests are every 5 lessons.

The cards that Veritas Press carries are highly recommended for most success in the courses. If you go to any of the course links below, you can view sample lessons of the courses to get an even better idea. You can find links to both courses and cards here:

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