• Candice Forte

Yes, Another Lume Update on New Scents (It's Short, I Promise)

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Lume. Yes, how many Lume posts can one girl make? Well, after so many years of looking for an aluminum and baking soda free deodorant that works, I guess this warrants a little more attention now that we have "struck gold." How is Lume working for me? I use it ALMOST every day. The only thing it cannot take on are polyester golf shirts, for me. My tri-blend shirts can leave me with a bit of funk at the end of the day, but overall, I am happy with it. I won't be switching back to Dove...ever. Bonus that Lume can go anywhere for external application. As they have come out with knew fragrances I wanted to try them and report these to you. I had purchased several tubes of Jasmine Rose last year and I am still working my way through them, but the men folk in my household also use Lume and so once I am done testing the new fragrances they have stolen them.

The first new fragrances were coconut and tangerine and I had something to say about them here. The new scents are Bay Rum and Warm Vanilla. Those both very much appealed to me being an herbal averse person. Here are the new products, in the flesh!

Here is my over all take on these new scents: The Warm Vanilla is nearly indistinguishable from Coconut to me. They both kind of remind me of cardboard with a hint of fragrance. I say that and though I do wish they were both stronger (and more distinct) they have grown on me and I actually think I will be using these instead of Jasmine Rose once I run out. The Bay Rum has a little spice to it and has a more masculine tone to it, but could still be for either. It is also not nearly as strong as I would like it. My favorite parts about these new light scents is that they don't smell strongly of EOs (which I am just not a fan of) and actually the texture, compared to my Jasmine Rose, is FAR less goopy/gel-like and has almost a matte, finish, if you can understand what that means. It rubs better and feels less sticky under the pits immediately. I don't know if this is for only the newer scents or Lume was reformulated, but it seriously keeps getting better. The new scents have all grown on me, despite my wishes for them to be stronger, and I will be making the switch once my tubes run dry of my Jasmine Rose! If you are new to Lume, make sure you also purchase some spray to prep your clothing. You will need this to remove residues and odors that get trapped in clothing. Once you do it several washes it has been my experience that I only need to re-prep clothes every so often because since Lume is water soluble they don't hang onto nasty funk like they did when I used regular deodorant.

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